Founded in 2011, Elite Business Studio nucleus is a small, family based team. The owners are husband and wife. I spent 10 years in the Royal Corp Signals before entering the world of sales.

The next ten years was a education in business which I learnt from some excellent mentors and some not so very good. However often you learn more from the bad, but both helping me to formulate a business I can be proud off.

Hard work and knowledge will help us get to where we want to be a little bit of lady luck along the way won’t hurt. I remember asking my father as 12 year old if I could could have a rise in my pocket money, to which he replied “of course son” huge smile on my face only to be wiped of with the words “get a job son.” So I did I worked down the local farm at weekends and school holidays and that work ethic has never left me. You want something well go and work for it.

The lady of the business started her working life in a variety of promotional jobs before entering the world of tele-sales. She quickly rose to the top of this industry with her positive attitude and hard work. Her straight forward no nonsense approach to business has developed our tele-sales and back office staff into a well organized structured team that many larger companies would be proud off.
Together we have the solid foundations that will help to build our business and with selective recruitment we shall surround ourselves with the right people to help make Elite Business Studio and success. The past 18 months has seen our turnover double and with new products and software programs the future looks bright.